Muissa maailmoissa / In Other Worlds
HUS, New Children´s Hospital, Helsinki, 2018


RGB led screens, mirror, aluminum structures, computer

Some square elements of the light lowered ceiling of an waiting room for MRI in the New Children´s hospital have been removed and replaced by cubic opening. From inside, the openings have high quality RGB led screens as ceiling and mirror surfaced walls on all four sides. When looked at from below, the light ceiling appears to continue all sides above the ceiling. There are three openings in the ceiling of a smallish room, two larger ones and one small one.

The color of the led panels, or the vast illusionary space above the ceiling, changes color in slow intervals. The children waiting in the room seldom see the change to happen, but the space appears different every time you visit it or walk by its large glass wall towards the corridor.

The conceptual idea of the work was to give the children, who maybe tense and afraid of the waiting MRI scan, a possibility to escape in their thoughts to the brightly lit fairy-tale like world above the joyless waiting room.