Solo show
Galerie Anhava
Helsinki 2016

Wanderer of Gravity

Aluminium wheel, wire, coil springs, attachments, electric actuator, aluminium baseplate with counterweight, steel joints, strain gauge, control unit, power supply

Two parallel steel wires approximately 30 cm apart are stretched diagonally across the exhibition space. An aluminium wheel with a steel axle moves back and forth along the wires. Attached to the middle of these horizontal wires is a pair of vertical wires connected to an electric actuator on a heavy platform on the floor. When the actuator pulls on the vertical wires, bending the horizontal wires downwards, the wheel begins to roll towards the middle of the room. When it rolls over the midpoint, a sensor – a strain gauge – detects it and the actuator slowly releases the vertical wire. The coil springs at the ends of the horizontal wires pull them straight, making it easy for the wheel to carry on moving towards the other corner with the momentum it has acquired earlier by rolling downhill. When it finally stopps, the sensor detects this, the actuator pulls the middle of the horizontal wires down again, and the wheel begins moving downhill in the opposite direction from before.



Restless Horizon

Acrylic aquarium, distilled water, silicone oil, aluminium stand, bearings, attachments, electric actuator, limit-switches, control units, power source

A large acrylic aquarium is filled to the brim with half distilled water and half transparent silicone oil. Because silicone oil is less dense than water and they are immiscible, the oil floats on top of the water with a transparent, but clearly visible borderline between them. An electric actuator operated by limit switches and a control unit slowly tilts the aquarium back and forth, creating visible wave patterns at the boundary between the two liquids. The high viscosity of the oil makes the movement of the waves slow and dreamlike.

2,4 x 0,85 x 0,24 m

Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection, EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art, Espoo




Helsinki Beat Frequency

Analogue sine-wave oscillators, subwoofers

Two sine-wave oscillators emitted two slightly different low frequencies through two subwoofers in an old industrial space. The interference caused by the difference between these two frequencies generated a third, pulsing sound in the space. This very low frequency was adjusted so that it resonated with the space, creating what are known as standing sound waves at certain points in the space. This made visiting the work extremely physical, spatial, site-specific experience.

dimensions variable

Private collection


Cubic stainless-steel container, frozen gel

A cubic stainless-steel container is filled with frozen gel. It is then kept in a freezer overnight and displayed on a pedestal during the day, when the exhibition is open. The moisture in the air of the exhibition space condenses onto the cold surface of the artwork. Because it is highly polished, and hence hydrophobic, the water tends to condense on it in droplets. The surface of the work, which is otherwise reminiscent of a minimalist sculpture, is in a constant state of slow transformation, first freezing and then melting.

0,2 x 0,2 x 0,2 m

Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki


Espoo Underground

Bedrock samples, wooden crates, timber

The work consists of roughly one kilometre of bedrock samples collected for building the new metro line from Helsinki to Espoo. The samples are precisely marked, packed in wooden crates and given a code that indicates their place of origin. The sample crates are stacked as if in normal storage, except for the pieces of timber between them, which makes it possible to examine the contents of the boxes in greater detail. The immersive artwork deals with the idea of an archive, an invisible infrastructure, the relativity of different timespans, and the sheer presence of four tonnes of stone. The work is accompanied and accentuated by the low-frequency tones of the Helsinki Beat Frequency sound installation in the next room.

Dimensions variable

Perspective study 1

Analogue colour photograph, oak frame with passepartout

Private collection

Perspective study 2

Analogue colour photograph, oak frame with passepartout

Private collection

Perspective study 3

Analogue colour photograph, oak frame with passepartout, steel frame on stand
Homage to Jüri Okas

The staged photograph is one of a small series shot in Tallinn in 2015, inspired by the 1980’s site-specific work of the Estonian artist/architect Jüri Okas. We visited his home and some of the sites of his works during the process of making the artwork. The series of pictures is a continuation of the works in which, instead of working in an institution or public space easily reachable by the public, we choose a site that interests us, make our intervention, and document it with a photograph. Because the object is only experienced from a single point, through the camera lens, it raises questions about whether it or the photograph is the actual artwork. It is essential to use analogue photography here, as it emphasizes the authenticity of the picture.


Large Movement II

Stop watch movement, stainless steel, glass

13 x 13 x 6 cm


Colour Mixer

3,0 x 1,4 x 0,6 m

Jenny and Antti Wihuri Foundation Collection, Rovaniemi Art Museum, Rovaniemi