SKAN sound art project
curated by Viestarts Gailitis
Riga 2007

SKAN was taking place in an abandoned Soviet times pasta factory in outskirts of Riga. The building was beautifully worn out, empty and untouched since the people and the machines left. We chose an old engine hall to accommodate our sound installation "Resonator". It was originally made for a show at Andréhn-Schiptjenko in 2003, The room had interesting oil covered base structures on the floor and it was painted with surprising green and pink paint.

The new actualization of the installation consisted of four steel plates, which were hanged from the roof beams with thin steel cables. The plates made a scale of 2,0x2,0m, 1,75x1,75m, 1,5x1,5m and 1,25x1,25m in size. Small electronic motors, with a little asymmetric weight in its axle, were attached to each plate. At right velocity the motors started to resonate with the steel plate creating four different sound frequencies depending on the size of the plate. The motors on each plate switched on and off in random order and intervals creating continuously changing soundscape inside the echoing space.