Solo show curated by Katrina Brown
Dundee Contemporary Arts
Dundee 2004 - 2005
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This exhibition displays four installations in four different exhibition spaces. "The Music Box", "Radiation Sensitive Sound Installation", "3D-led installation" are versions of old works adapted to DCA rooms. "Pneumatic Lanscape" is a new work made for the show.

The idea for the white landscape installation came from the lightness and airiness of the exhibition space and surrounding landscape. We were intrigued by filling the large rectangular volume of the exhibition space with a free formed floating volume which is slowly changing its size and shape. The measurements of the installation are based on the proportions of the large exhibition hall in DCA.

The installation is made of very thin and light nylon fabric normally used in sails. Air pressure generated by four silent fans inside the installation keeps it in its shape. A timer system is cutting the fan off at intervals for about five minutes during which time it loses about 1/3 of its volume. When the fan starts again the installation slowly fills up to its full size and shape.

When totally filled the landscape is about three meters high from its highest point. The landscape is connected to a rectangular foundation, 19,52 x 7,32 meters in size. It is made of mdf-board and timber elements, 1220x2440mm in size. The middle part of foundation is made air proof with plastic taped on top of it.

Radiation Sensitive Sound Installation is a bass sound system triggered by a geiger meter which is measuring constantly deviating back ground radiation. This information is converted into sinewave signal whose frequency is sweeping correspondingly between 30-100Hz.

The Music Box is a completely dark, acoustically softened room. In the center of the room there is a sound proof cabinet with a glass top and a mechanical music box on a rotating platform which makes the music box mechanism to play a too slow version of Internatonale, old Soviet anthem. Each corner of the cabinet has a tiny microphone connected to a speaker in corresponding corner of the room. The rotation of the music box changes the balance of the four speakers and the music box sounds like rotating around the room.